Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Tough" ride

Syafiq leading the way, always
My Merida bike lying flat from exhaustion. Okay, actually the owner was exhausted

Syafiq trekking back to retrieve exhausted dad

This morning I went for a ride with my son, Syafiq. And it was one hell of a tough ride.

It was tough because I've not had enough practice, no stamina. For this is my first ride since Hari Raya -  that's Raya Eidul Fitri, not Eidul Adha!

Nevertheless it felt good to be riding again. We took it slow and easy and lasted 17km through the beautiful wetlands of Putrajaya.

I've just got to keep the momentum going.The good doctor has warned that my cholesterol level is rising, so I need the exercise.

One ride per week minimum, that's the target.

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zulkifly said...

salam, i rode wt my iraqi friend two weeks ago around the lake....we paa
rk at the lake club...why dont we ride together once you re back fr me