Saturday, November 27, 2010


We're in PD this morning, together with Mak.

For all her 68 years of age she'd never set foot in PD. Well, being orang Perak, Telok Murok (now Telok Batik) is like more up her alley.

I remember when my brothers and I were small we would often make the short trip to Lumut and Teluk Murok from our house in Bota Kanan for a our family outing and a spot of picnic. Always a thrilling and exciting occassion for us kids.

Of course Teluk Batik is not as beautiful as your east coast beaches. But it can beat PD anytime, me thinks.

But of course I'm bias, teman oghang Perak juga :-)

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salam azizi,

moga sihat semuanya.

In the 50's and 60's I went to Bagan Ulu..........later named as Pantai Merdeka.

Just a few minutes dive from K.K.Muda.