Sunday, August 09, 2009

Durian dah berbunga!

Some of you would remember the Perak-born comedian, Os singing,

"Oh kome, deghoyan dah berbunga...".

Well, durian dah berbunga indeed at Kampong Kepayang Fair Park, my kampong.

For those of you who haven't seen the flower of a durian tree take a good look at the pic above taken this morning in front of my mum's house. Beautiful, aren't they?

There are three durian trees at Mak's house. Looking at their flower blooms, there's a good chance that this Hari Raya we'll be having durian for breakfast, pulut durian for lunch, and bubur durian for dinner.


Anonymous said...

how do durian flowers smell like?

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Dear Anonymous

I find it difficult to describe the smell of durian flowers. But I like it and always find find them to be fresh-smelling.

Others have described the smell as follows: "heavy, sour and buttery odour" because they have copious nectar, typical of flowers which are pollinated by bats.

adik said...

cantiknya bunga tu ayah we...

duniaku said...

abah i like that flower!that flower like hibiscus.adik ada nampak abah tulis pasal pulut durian!adik suka durian tapi adik tak suka pulut dia..

yop said...

Kepayang ada pokok durian ke? tak pernah nampak pun

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...


Ada durian di Kepayang sebelah hilir. kat rumah saya ada beberapa batang. di dusun nyang saya (tepi sungai Kinta) pun banyak tapi pokok2 tua dah lama tak berjenguk.

zulkifly said...

salam Hj Azizi,

ate, bila kome nak ajak teman makan deghoyan kg bukit kepayang sambil kayuh beskal MTB..

Doi said...

Salam Hj Azizi,
sebenarnya dah lama follow u punya blog. Interesting esp about Kg Kepayang. You are one good writer.
Sy pun orang Kepayang belah ulu. Belah ulu pun ada jugak pokok durian tp dah tua gak. Yang ditanam oleh atuk moyang dulu.