Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sorry la Man United fans (4)


Pulverized. Thrashed. Ripped apart. Take your pick, any which one will do just nicely to describe Man United’s 4 - 1 humiliation at the hands of classy Liverpool.

For all of Rooney’s bragging and hateful remarks against Liverpool in the run up to this big game, Man United’s response (or rather, lack of it) to Liverpool’s sublime performance was so, so disappointing.

Rooney was anonymous. Ronaldo’s free-kicks were ineffective. And Van der Sar? Well, what can I say? The giant goalkeeper was left stunned after letting in four goals. Just look at his pure exasperation after letting in the fourth one.

Who would have dared guess a score line that big against Man United at home ground? For the record, United haven't suffered a home defeat like this since New Year's Day of 1992 when they were soundly beaten 4-1 by QPR.

When the final score “4 – 1” was splashed on the TV screen, I thought, “Eh? Betul ke kita lawan Man United nih?” Macam lawan West Bromwhich Albion je”.

Within the space of four days Liverpool has beaten two of the biggest football clubs in the world by scoring four goals against each. First against Real Madrid, and now Man United. This calls for a double celebration.

Well done lads. More of the same please.

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