Saturday, February 28, 2009

Putrajaya Critical Mass 27 Feb 2009

This was my second ride in the PCM. By the look of it (except for the start-off time), things are turning out for the better.

First, the RV was shifted from the Food Court area of Precinct 9 to the Dataran Putrajaya in Precinct 3. With this, things became more orderly as riders could congregate in the middle of the Boulevard without causing disruption to traffic. The Dataran is also well-lit by the special flood light. So now, the claim that “safety of all riders is a main priority” doesn’t ring hollow anymore.

No doubt in a Critical Mass we want to claim the roads for cyclists. But we also want to do it right – and responsibly.

Second, there was ample parking space for all to park their cars on the yet to be developed plots close to and around the Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex and the Palace of Justice. Very convenient for everybody.

Third, the Dataran Putrajaya is also the venue and starting point for Le Tour de Langkawi and the Putrajaya Cyclefest. So, as an extension to those prestigious events, it is only befitting that the Dataran also hosts PCM. Yup, Dataran Putrajaya is fast becoming a major destination on the world cycling map (wow!).

As a town planner, I’m thrilled. After all, this is what the Dataran was built for. It is a public realm purposely designed for public usage and enjoyment in mind.

I rode with the PERs gang. Having laid off riding for two weeks, I was huffing and puffing a bit on my mtb trying to stay in touch with the rest of the gang.

This is especially because many of the PERs members are now “converted roadies”. Last night many turned up with their road bikes. Bedesup!!

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