Saturday, June 28, 2008

New masthead for Seri Kepayang blog

My blog has got this new masthead since last week (can't remember what day it was).

Now, I must say something about the new masthead.

It is courtesy of my brother Mie, who is the artist in the family - he has been drawing and doodling since as far as I can remember.

The photo shows my Opah's house as it was in the 1950s. My guess is it was taken sometime before Merdeka.

This is the place I was born, err... a long time after that photo was taken.

It used to be surrounded by thick under growths, especially to its west (that's at the back of the house as shown in the photo). That was where I saw a small tiger (okay, maybe it was a kucing hutan) when I was a kid!

Yup, I kid you not.

Kampong Kepayang is a real, authentic Malay kampong. Even to this day - minus the kucing hutan, of course.


Queen Of The House said...

Very interesting-looking house. Is it still standing? Do your children get to balik kampung to experience authentic kampung lifestyle? If they do, they're very lucky.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Your Highness

Nope, the house is no more. A new house was built on its site sometime in 1969 or there about (Pak Non has been to this newer house).

Yes, my children do get to balik kampung. But authentic? I'm not so sure. They just crowd in front of the tv (astro). They don't go out into the woods to cari pokok rotan, nor tangkap ayam untuk disembelih etc. *sigh*