Friday, October 19, 2007

Post Raya blues

Just got back from kampong this afternoon in time for solat Jumaat at our local surau. The traffic on the highway today was smooth, thankfully. But wait till tomorrow, or this Sunday, and the balik kota traffic will reach its climax as people rush back in time for work on Monday.

The thing with balik kampong for Raya is that, no matter how bad a propspect it is to 'do battle' on the roads and highways, one has no choice but to join in the exodus.

This is not to say that one is forced into it. For there is always that nice thought and warm feeling of joining our parents, siblings and relatives for Raya to look forward to.

There will also be chances to catch up with old friends, and to engage in bersoreh with the elder relatives as I update our Buku Salasilah Keluarga. And of course there is the joy, laughter and merry-making by the children which is very infectious during the festive period.

And the food. Well...what can I say. I am pretty sure the term 'balanced diet' was never meant to go with 'Hari Raya'.
Caution goes to the wind as I gulped down plates of rendang (Mak's), lemang, ketupat and lots of sweet drinks and kueh (Mem Besar's jam tart...mmm). Enough to get my doctor to give me a good dressing-down when I see him during my next appointment -- IF he finds out, that is (wink, wink).

Alas, come Monday, it's back to work!

What a drag. I can just see Mem Besar pinching me out of the bed this Monday. And mind you she's got a mean of a pinch. Ouch!

Happy Hari Raya while Shawal lasts, but together, let's not forget to do puasa enam, okay.

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