Friday, October 05, 2007

A clean bill of health for Syafiq

Just after iftar today, whilst resting on the sofa in the living room, I received an sms on my handphone.

It was from my son, Syafiq, who is studying in MRSM Kuala Kubu Bharu. He had good news that the specialist doctor at Hospital Selayang has given him a clean bill of health.

You see, Syafiq injured himself playing soccer at his college last July. In fact, he wrote about the incident and his Super MRSM KKB soccer tournament on this blog. He had internal bleeding and, as a result, acute pain in the stomach.

This morning he went for his appointment with the specialist. After looking at the result of the urine test for signs of blood and an ultra-sound scanning the doctor was satisfied that the wound has healed.

Alhamdulillah, I am a much relieved father for that. I had been worrying for him all this while for fear that the injury might be long term.

I guess it is all part of parenting to be worried and sometimes stressed-out with our children's sickness, injuries, emotional rollercoasters, tantrums and demands.

We get worried because we love and care for them. When it comes to our children, we always want the best for them. Always.

Sadly, the simple acts and pleasures of parental love are not always appreciated by children. It is only when the parents are no more around that the stark reality sets in.

Surely this need not be the case? Ask Raudhah, the little orphaned girl whose story has been recounted by Count Byron, just how painful it feels to miss the hugs and tender love of a father she never had.

To all my beloved children, I pray that you will all be able to understand and appreciate this. Hormatilah ibu bapamu. Ingatlah bahawa melakukan kebaikan kepada ibu bapa merupakan suatu perintah dari Allah s.w.t.

Berbaktilah kepada ibu bapamu, doakan kebaikan kepada kami semasa kami hidup, dan apatah lagi setelah kami tiada nanti. Kerana sesungguhnya do'amu adalah antara bekalan buat kami untuk ketika kami menghadap ALlah kelak.

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Count Byron said...

I would re-iterate the same line, over and over again, to my children, lest they forget.
Simple acts of smiling in their faces would be more than compensate all the hard-work a mom toiled and milled through in her day's work.
But how expensive are smiles these days... kids are born with no smiles! They shrug their shoulders in reply to something they do not know.
Unheard of. Un-thought of.
But that is the kid you and I know these days. Sighhh..
Have we failed in our duties in educating them manners?
May Allah give us the courage and strength to persevere in guiding our future generations to imbibe the wonderful manners our religion has for them.