Friday, September 21, 2007

Iftar, tarawih on Putrajaya Lake

A totally unique and moving experience.

That is how, in short, I would describe my boat ride on the Kelah yesterday.

For the uninitiated, kelah is a prized freshwater fish in Malaysia. But this Kelah I am referring to is one of Perbadanan Putrajaya Cruise Tasik's handsomely-built dinning cruise boat that ply the routes on Putrajaya Lake.

I have been on the Kelah a few times before. But this time around it brought a different experience altogether. I was invited to have iftar (break of the fast) on the boat as it traverses the beautiful, clear waters.

As the time for iftar approaches, the boat captain anchors the boat in the middle of the lake at its the deepest end (14-15m deep), facing the qiblat.

As maghrib sets in, a beautiful call of the adzan was made by an ustaz from a local university. How serene and enchanting the lake looked at that point in time, especially against the background of the beautiful sunset, forming dramatic silhouettes of the distinctively charming Alam Warian development in the foreground.

Subhanallah. It makes me feel so tiny in front of The Creator.

After the Maghrib we continued with our iftar. This was followed by Isya' and Tarawih, also on the cruise boat.

Ramadhan is the month of barakah. And to my mind, this small but meaningful event should bring lots of barakah to those who came up with the idea for iftar and tarawih on the beautiful Putrajaya Lake.



Subhanallah !

Di Surga , beberapa sungai mengalir di bawahnya.

Tak tau nak gambarkan bagaimana.

KotaStar said...

Yang indah itu semua dariNYA. Kita sungguh bernasib baik kerana diberi kesempatan menyaksinya.Syukur dan semoga Ramadan terus mendatangkan segala kebaikan dan kemanfaatan.