Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ramadhan: What's the score so far?

It is now four days into Ramadhan. Before you know it, it shall be Shawal and Ramadhan would be gone for another year.

Ramadhan is the month when Rasulullah and his sahabah would increase their ibadah. For, it is the month when our deeds would be rewarded many times over by ALlah.

How have we fared in so far as increasing our ibadah and improving its quality is concerned?

I would ask my self, thus:
  • Have I done the Tarawih solat every night without fail?
  • No. of times Tahajjud solat is done at night
  • No. of times other sunat prayers are done - Dhuha etc.
  • Progress so far in recitation of the Qur'an
  • Reading to improve knowledge on Islam
  • Ceramah attended/listened to
  • Zikir, and do'a
  • How much have I given for sadaqah and fisabilillah
  • Good deeds done to my parents, family, friends and others.

That's a long list already. The big question whether I have achieved any of them?

I have to admit that I've still got a long way to go.

How weak I am, oh ALlah. I pray that You give me the strength and iman to undertake these responsibilities. And also ALlah, give the same strength to my beloved parents and members of my family -- my wife and my children.




Ya-Allah ,kabulkanlah permohonan hamba Mu .AMIN.

Count Byron said...

Askm sdr Aizi.

I love your check list. Everytime when Ramadhan ebbed and just about to leave, I would never fail to mourn my failure in doing the best I could, thus vowed to do better come next Ramadhan. I must keep reminding myself of this urge, and pray that I will achieve the best for each Ramadhan to come.

Thanks for sharing


Berisman said...

For a check list to work in our favour, we must do frequent review-at least once a week.Failing which, it shall remain as a wish list.
--The Reader

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Sdr Adib

Noted, sir.