Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh, Turkiye

So, after a roller coaster of a ride, Turkey has finally elected its Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul as the country's new president.

Abdullah Gul is said to be the first politician with an Islamist background to become head of state since the creation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. His candidacy had split Turkey for months, leading to street protests by the secularists and even forcing an early general election.

You see, under the guidance of its founding father, Mustafa Kamal Atartuk, Turkey changed totally from being the seat of the Islamic-based Othmaniyya Caliphate (1299-1922) to being an out-and-out secular state.

Mustafa Kamal Atartuk’s impact was total and wide-ranging. All symbols of Islam suddenly became a big no, no. For example, even the simple act of wearing the Islamic headscarf by women is banned from state institutions including in schools and universities.

Interestingly, Mr Gul's wife wears the headscarf. She will be the first First Lady to wear it. The big question is: how can this be done inside the presidential palace, the ultimate of state institution?

It will be fascinating to see how this historic nation – especially the secularists (strongly backed by the army) – handles this.



mahathir puji that atartuk sky-high........he also potong bantuan ke sekolah-sekolah agama.......I will never excuse him .He even condemned Dr Harun Din buat air-jampi.......very secular.


He also condemned the beard . Nabi had no razor-blade to shave ......I just can't tolerate.He also misinterprated what is an ulamak.......a man of dilema ( the mamak dilema ).