Monday, February 11, 2013

Been hibernating

There's not much activity on this blog since end of last year. It's already February now, and I've yet to post anything on Seri Kepayang this year.

So this posting is a stop-gap measure.

What I have found out is that, if you lay off writing for a length of time, you will get a bit rusty

What have I been up to over the last few months? In so far as writing is concerned, I have been hibernating for the most part.

Otherwise, there was the family trip to the northern states and Langkawi in December.

The highlight of that trip must surely be the cable car ride up to the peak of Gunung Machinchang. Everyone in the family knows I am afraid of heights. But to keep my reputation intact, I put on a brave face, and went through with the ordeal.

Suffice to say, that would be my one and only visit up Gunung Machincang.

January went by very fast. I don't particularly remember anything big going on there.

And February, well, it is the month for Sambutan Hari Wilayah. Lots of programs to keep me busy at the office.

Keep well, folks.

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Al-Manar said...

I drop by to give a wake-up call. While you are hibernating I have come to my 300th posting.