Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reality check for Liverpool FC

Stewart Downing (L) was outstanding

Didn't do too well last night Liverpool. We lost 1 - 0 to a resilient Stoke City.

With that, we have now dropped a total of 4 points from games thus far. And to make things difficult, the two Manchester teams are firing on all cylinders - it's full steam ahead for them!

To be fair, the team did control the game throughout. After all, we had 60% of  possession.

But what we clearly lacked was the killer instinct to finish games off. That, and of course the big smile from lady luck. An array of chances thus all came to nought.

But there were positives to take away.

For one, the team played their hearts out right to the end. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw the Liverpool machine harangued Stoke with wave after wave of  attacks. In fact, practically the whole of second-half was played only in Stoke's half.

Secondly, two of our new boys played commandingly well. Downing and Enrique. Enrique was ever reliable at left back. And as for Downing, his incisive runs and crosses were a headache for the otherwise solid Stoke defence walls.

After a reality check such as this, let's hope King Kenny will do some soul searching and improve further on our game strategies.

It is still early days into the season. There's ample room to catch up yet.

All the best boys. YNWA

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