Sunday, August 28, 2011

Raya preparation begins II

Sprucing up our home for Raya, today.

The lawn has been mown by yours truly and the pelita (actually, we call it
panjut in Perak) has been filled with kerosene by Anas ready to be lit

The windows have also been wiped clean by Sakinah, and next, the blinking
festive lights will be put up with the help of lanky Syafiq.

Daging pun sudah beli.

So this evening the Mem would be start to be busy preparing the Hari Raya
spread with the help of Emak and my mother-in-law.

Top of the list, rendang daging cooked according to Emak's recipe.


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Anonymous said...

Ini namanya turun padang.....