Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thank you Liverpool FC

Full house
Bukit Jalil National Stadium filled to the brim
Outside the stadium, it's like a huge pasar malam
Match in full flow. This pic is during second half when 7 goals were scored!!
Charlie Adam being introduced to the roaring approval of fans

Three Kopites from Cheras
Two Kopites from Cheras
Game over. Syafiq and Anas showing their appreciation and saying their goodbyes to the Reds

It is not often that the mighty Liverpool FC juggernaut reach our shores.
So when they did, it was a rare opportunity that I just couldn't afford to

I'd been in Singapore for work since last Wednesday. I was supposed to fly
back home Saturday afternoon, which would mean that I couldn't be at Bukit
Jalil in time for the match.

But I was determined to be there with my two die-hard Liverpool sons,
Syafiq and Anas.

So a change in flight schedule was duly made, and I managed to reach home at
12.45pm. After solat and a quick lunch, by 2.45pm, we were well on our way
to the stadium, donning our Liverpool jerseys.

The atmosphere in the stadium was unbelievable. Everywhere you look you'd
see RED, literally.

Over 80,000 Kopites descended upon Bukit Jalil (that's the population of a medium-sized town - sorry, can't help the comparison, I am a TOWN PLANNER after all).

Thank you Liverpool FC for a hugely entertaining game. But many thanks also to
Harimau Malaya who didn't go down tamely and provided a good fight.

Nine goals scored over 94 minutes. Now that's value for money!



Anonymous said...

there is no mention about the MU fan who helped to buy the tickets ... sigh.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Hehe...sorry la, we were totally absorbed.

Terima kasih banyak to this one particular (kind hearted)MU fan who helped us by the ticket with an upah of just RM1. Err..if you want, we can hadiah 1 Liverpool jersey nak tak?

mzauri said...

Our wavelengths are identical - sharing the long awaited dream (Liverpool playing in Malaysia) with our children... :-)

Anonymous said...

anyway MU still among the best sir.