Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good bye and good riddance

The Kops never took to liking the Yankees, ever

The jokers. Well, they do remind you of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, don't they?

The original Laurel & Hardy, which I'd much prefer, anytime

At long last the saga of the Liverpool takeover is concluded. And with that, hopefully, we've seen the last of the two Yankees who were intent in their desire to make tons of money at the expense of an English football institution that is Liverpool Football Club.

In hindsight, and to be honest, we should never have trusted and taken these two jokers on board in the first place.

They know nothing about football. And they just fail to embrace the history and tradition of this club, revered by fans not just in Merseyside, but millions around the world. They just do not understand that Liverpool FC is a passion, and a way of life which affects ordinary folks week in, week out

Even up until yesterday, Hicks was still making statements like this concerning his defeat in trying to hold on to the club:  "It has hurt my family tremendously. This is a very valuable asset that was swindled away from me".

Says a lot doesn't it?

Good bye and good riddance you ignorant, greedy Yanks .

My only regret is that, in your three years escapade in Merseyside, you've almost destroyed Liverpool FC and taken it to the backwaters of English football like never before.


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