Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Floria Putrajaya is here again

Flower lovers will be happy to know that the Floria Putrajaya for 2009 will be opened to the public this Saturday, 1st August.

This year's theme is ‘Celebration of Colours’ and you can expect a riot of colours at the show alright, especially because this year's main flower to be on show shall be ORCHIDS.
The event shall be held for nine days beginning 1 to 9 August.
Admission is free.
Yes, people say nothing in this world is free. But Floria Putrajaya is the exception. And what a nice exception it is too.
For details please visit Floria website here.

1 comment:

duniaku said...

abah,adik pon nak citer pasal pengalaman adik gi floria yg 1 punye.adik rase yg 1 punyer lagi meriah & indah!coz wktu adik gi tu tengah hari,so nampaklah terang sikit.