Saturday, May 16, 2009

Towards a cycling family

Pelicans at Putrajaya Wetland

Syafiq (the tall one on the right) listening to comments on his recently-acquired bike

The whole gang's bicycles lined up outside a restaurant as we enjoyed our after-ride drink

This morning I left home for my weekend cycling a little earlier than usual - at 7.00am to be precise. But this time I wasn't alone. I was accompanied by my son Ahmad Syafiq.

More than a year after taking up cycling - and enjoying it thoroughly - I'd always wanted my family to join me in discovering the joys of cycling and experience the health benefits it affords. However budget constraints have hindered this from happening much earlier.

My early outing today was to pick up a mountain bike at Kolonel Azudin's place so that Syafiq could join me in our group's ride at Putrajaya Wetland.

Once we had gotten the bike, we drove with it straight away to our start-off point for today's ride. I had wanted Syafiq to give it a try before we set off for the long ride that was to come. I must admit to being slightly worried that he might not feel comfortable with the bike. If so, then may ambition of him in joining me in future rides would be in tatters.

To my relieve, he took to riding it like a duck to water.

So once the whole gang had gathered, off we went on an off-road 24km ride within the wetland. How delighted it was to see Syafiq enjoying it all along. And for a first timer, there wasn't trace of tiredness and fatigue - except for a complaint on sore butt. Which is to be expected, I might add.

Welcome to the world of riding Syafiq. I look forward to more long hours of riding enjoyment together with you, Anas and even the Mem Besar, too (if I dare to dream big).


Abu Imir said...

Tukar a better saddle. Selle Royal sells cheap and comfy ones.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Dah tukar to with another saddle taken from my merida. Its not selle royal but at least its softer and much more comfortable.

Aliff said...

Selamat Mengayuh Bersama Anakanda:)