Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama: the time for change is here?

Barack Hussein Obama has done it. After two, long years of campaigning he has triumphed to be the 44th President of the United States
What in the world hit this first term senator in the first place to make him fancy his chances as the Democratic Party candidate beats me. After all he was up against Democrat heavyweight Hillary Clinton - and her hubby Bill, too, if I may add!

But against all odds, Hillary the undisputed favourite, was pushed aside.

And the campaign against McCain was no walk in the park either. Everything was thrown at him to derail his march to the White House.

But his sincerity and seemingly willingness to sit down and listen to all parties - "rogue nation" Iran included - has endeared him to many foreigners, and Americans alike, it seems.

After the promises of change, expectation will be running high that a new era of a fairer America shall emerge. We wait and see. Only time will tell.


KotaStar said...

Welcome back after your berevement. Losing one whom you have grown along with all your life is not easy. Thank Allah for all the good memories you have shared together.We see a new figure on the horizon and the world hope he and others will bring change esp peace in the world.On the home turf we do hope senses too will prevail.Do spare yr time to attend the upcoming Kirkby ReUnion on 28 Nov. Salam

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Thank you so much for your comforting words & support. InsyaAllah will try and come for the Reunion.

AO said...

we muslims, are always suckers for names that sounded arabic. Barack Hussein Obama, i did not know his middle name, well not untill you put it down, wow, the same name as saddam hussein, a so called muslim by name yet alledgely, tyranical in action. i guess it's in the name that he got so much support from the muslim world. really peculiar, as we have discuss and debated, this phenomena of being a malay and a muslim. boils down to one thing, language, names, colours of skin, belief system does not really matters, that is if we do not want it to matter. i guess we human can be selective, are given choices to choose from. if only we can go back to our humanistic intuition. good luck to obama, and long life too.