Sunday, July 06, 2008

Where are we heading politically?

Only in Malaysia.

Yes. Another accolade for Malaysia. Only this time, for the wrong reasons.

In which other country would you get a prominent political leader being accused of sodomising somebody? Heck, not once, but twice already now!

And if that is not enough. Another highly placed politician and his wife gets to be accused of being involved in the murder of a foreign woman. By blowing her to pieces, mind you.

So, who says Malaysia is a boring nation with no sensational news value?

Even in the land of gun-slinging cowboys you won't get anything as juicy and dramatic as this.

As a rakyat, what bothers me is that all these political posturings - with accusations and counter-accusations using statutory declarations - are a distraction to nation building and management of the economy.

The oil price is rising and rising. And from what I heard, the cost of electricity is to follow suit. The inflation rate will go up to an all-time high of 6 to 7% according to Tan Sri Zeti, the Governor of Bank Negara.

Enough is enough, politicians!

If you are not interested, nor fit enough to lead anymore, then let go.

Spare the rakyat of all this sandiwara.

And let's not turn Malaysia into a laughing-stock.

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KotaStar said...

Most people seems to have the same feeling now. Still how much is most? I trust we should have a walk-out starting with the civil servants showing that we are fed up with all things happening and NONE towards the betterment of the people and country. Why not a people declaration of 'enough is enough' to shake the holders of 'wakil rakyat' entitlement to their senses.But who will want o start the ball rolling? Certainly we have to start something....