Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liverpool 4 - 0 Sheffield United

Last Saturday night I stayed up late - accompanied by Nadiah, my 9 year old daughter - to watch Liverpool play Sheffield United. I don't make it a habit of going to bed late nowadays. Not since I joined the club for middle-aged men diagnosed with hypertension. But that night stayed up late I did. And it was well worth it.

For not only the Reds scored four goals - albeit two was from the penalty spot, but it was also the night when their newest player was unvield. Stand up and take your bow Javier Mascherano! You did well on your debut lad...

Mascherano is just the sort of player around which the Liverpool Football Club should have been built. He is hardworking and selfless. He also seems to be enjoying himself on the field, blending in well with Liverpool old favourites such as Carragher and Gerrard.

With the new stadium soon to be built, and two new owners (yes, two not just one!) in the form of Hicks and Gillete the American millionaires, things are finally looking up for the Reds. Its back to glory days, folks...hopefully.

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