Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kepayang Wild Plants and The Way of Nature

The path to the railway track. Now inaccessible

The path as it was before

Last August we went balik kampong back to Kampung Kepayang Fair Park. It had been quite a long while since we were last in Kepayang.

Being left for a long period of time is the surest way of getting one's home being run by overgrowths. Luckily Emak's house is regularly attended to at least in terms of keeping the lawns trimmed.

But a brief walk around the old house introduced me to a sampling of wild plants which call the compounds of my mother's house home.

They are beautiful in their own way, though. Each a creation of God. Ever thriving. Ever dutiful in going about their own business.

Left to their own device, of course they would overrun the lawns, footpaths and whatever structures in their way.

That is what my brother Man found out during his recent trip back last week. The old footpath leading to the railway tracks is now inaccessible!

Nature always goes her own way.


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Sri Mersing said...

Rindu pada suasana Kampung Kepayang tahun 70an...

Bagi saya,tahun itu adalah tahun terbaik saya di kampung...

Zaman Dhalan zainuddin dan jamal Abdillah... he..he..